Besuch des Internationalen Literaturfestivals

Der Englischkurs des 12. Jahrgangs von Frau Swiacka hatte im September beim diesjährigen Internationalen Literaturfestival die einmalige Gelegenheit, den kanadischen Schriftsteller Iain Lawrence auf einer Lesung kennenzulernen. Die Lesung fand in englischer Sprache statt. Iain Lawrence las aus seinem Buch „Ghost Boy“ und beantwortete neben den Fragen des Moderators Steffen Greiner auch die des Publikums, woran sich unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler intensiv beteiligten.

Henry Kranen, Schüler der 12. Klasse, schreibt dazu:

„Ghost Boy“ is a short children/young adult novel about an albino boy who goes on a journey of self-discovery, where he meets many different characters like the old Indian who follows the circus. […] Throughout his journey to the „cannibal king“, another albino person who is also the main attraction of the circus freak show, he finds out more about himself and what it means to be different. […]

The reading of Iain Lawrence was amazing, the author had a good voice for it, and the book itself was pretty interesting, too. The themes of growing up and wanting to hide who you really are were all amazingly narrated, especially the section with  the old Indian who is just a white man who likes to dress up as an Indian. The opportunity for questions and discussions with the author we had after the reading was also very interesting.

Unfortunately, the audience was horrible. Many students from other schools were talking a lot, which is in my opinion really disrespectful.

[…]. I personally really enjoyed the reading […] and I just have to recommend the book to everyone who likes a good coming of age story, because „Ghost Boy“ is actually really good.

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